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Landscape Design

Why Landscape?
The key element to a great landscape is the design. When a landscape is well planned you know that the designer has taken care to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to you and the environment. Landscaping can also increase the value of your property and most importantly your enjoyment of your home and outside living space. In fact, real estate studies have shown that a professionally landscaped yard can increase the value of your home by an average of 12%.

The Design Process
A designer will visit your home to assess your landscaping project. He or she will do this by discussing with you your needs and wants for your garden. The designer will then measure your yard and look at the existing site conditions such as soil and light. Back at our office, the designer will create a personal landscape plan for you, which will then be put on computer where a drawing and a cost estimate will be generated.

The designer will then meet with you at our office to discuss the landscape plan and cost estimate. At this point, you may make the decision to book our team of professional landscape installers to implement your new landscape plan or you may decide to install the landscape plan yourself.

Landscape Design Fee Structure
  • Initial appointment
  • Home visit and consultation
  • Site visit and assessment/measurement
  • Landscape plan creation
  • Cost estimates
  • Consultation with proposal

Free Consultation

Have our professional installation team install your new landscape design and your consultation fee will be reimbursed to you on your final invoice.

Landscape Design Fee

The DeGroot's design fee includes a consultation fee and the purchase of a gift card.  The consultation fee is a charge for the services of a landscape designer to come to your property, meet with you, measure and plot your property on paper.  This consultation fee will be reimbursed to you on your final invoice provided you have our installation team install your new landscape design.

After we consult with you, our designers work towards your new private paradise, providing you with a design and an estimate.  The purchase of a gift card from our design team is required for this design work.  This gift card you have purchased can be used for anything at DeGroot's.

This consultation fee and gift card will be invoiced to your account by the landscape designer and is payable when your design is received.  If you do not have an existing account, our team will create one for you.

The design fee is based on the location of the property as follows:

Sarnia and Bright's Grove -- $75.00 consultation fee and $250.00 gift card for design work

Camlachie, Wyoming, Petrolia, Brigden, Corunna and Courtright -- $100.00 consultation fee and $250.00 gift card for design work

Blue Point, Forest, Arkona, Watford, Oil Springs, Sombra and Port Lambton -- $125.00 consultation fee and $250.00 gift card for design work

Thedford, Walpole Island, Strathroy and London -- $150.00 consultation fee and $500 gift card for design work.

Our Design Fee includes the following services: Initial consulation, on-site appointment, site assessment, landscape design, detailed cost estimate and follow-up consultation.

These landscape design fees cover either front or backyard.  A second design fee will be added if both front and back designs are desired.  A design fee does not apply if you have had a previous design and installation from our team.  If extensive design work is needed, our design team will inform you of extra fees during the consultation.

Computer Aided Design (CADD)
At DeGroot’s, we use the most up to date technology in our landscape design process. All of our plans are produced with the use of Autocadd tools (computer aided design). Click here to see a sample plan.

Beautiful gardens start at DeGroot’s.


We deliver expert landscape planning tailored to your individual needs.

Professional landscape installation.

We are certified landscape architects and designers.

Sample CADD Landscape Design

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