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DeGroot’s Nurseries was started in 1957 by John DeGroot Senior who, with his wife, raised 11 children. John immigrated from Holland in 1952 and he worked as a farmers hand for the first few years before landing a job at Dow in janitorial maintenance.

Lucky for us, John’s love for plants and gardening got the better of him and he began selling gladiolus bulbs and flowers door to door. This soon grew to become a full fledged nursery located on 5 acres on the corner of Exmouth and Indian Road in Sarnia.

Urban growth eventually squeezed us out so in 1981 we moved to our current location on 40 acres at 1840 London Line in Sarnia, Ontario. We also operate a 23 acre hoverboard nursery production farm on Brigden Sideroad.



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