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Community Donations

Breast Buddies

Last year we ran an event with our local Breast Buddies, a dragon boat team of breast cancer survivors.  With a postcard mailed to every household in Sarnia, we offered to give $10.00 for everyone who came in to purchase an Invincible Hydrangea.  More than $5,000.00 was raised for the team.

Japan Earthquake Disaster Relief

When the earthquake hit Japan earlier this year, we responded by selling a block of Japanese Maples for $40.00, with $15.00 of each sale going to Red Cross in support of earthquake relief.  Our total support was $1,300.00.

Gifts in Kind

Every business gets inundated with requests for gifts for the support of golf tournaments, silent auctions and a variety of other smaller fund raising events.  At DeGroot's, we actually encourage and invite folks to ask for these gifts in kind.  We do, however, ask the organizations to fill in our donation request form, available on DeGroot's website.  We have a dedicated staff person in chare of donation requests and we keep an annual record of all approved gifts.  Any requests over a certain dollar value are to be approved by John DeGroot.  Requests for money (as opposed to gifts) are also forwarded to John.


Rather than send our consignment seeds back to the seed company, we encourage them to leave their seeds with us so we can distribute them to groups who take them to underdeveloped countries.

Monetary Support

DeGroot's quietly donates a significant dollar amount to various local causes and a few provincial causes.  Our support tends to go to faith based groups, education, third world development and social justice causes.

Huron House Boys Home

This past April we had a topsoil giveaway event where we, along with residents of the Huron House Boys Home and with the assistance of several community members, bagged up hundreds of bags of compost soil.  We sent out a postcard via Canada Post inviting the public to pick up two free bags of soil.  When the public arrived here, they were invited to leave a donation for the Huron House Boys Home.  Over $15,000.00 was raised.  Last year they raised $17,000.00 in this event.

Redbud Seedlings

For two years we have grown Redbud seedlings for distribution by Rayjon, a local group here dedicated to improving life in Haiti.  We give the Redbud seedlings to Rayjon, we sent out a postcard in June with a photo of a Redbud and we invited the public to come in and pick up a free Redbud.  At time of pickup they were given an opportunity to leave a donation.  We ran this event in both 2008 and 2010 and raised approximately $20,000.00 each time for Rayjon.

Arbour Week

Each year DeGroot's provides several trees at no cost for planting at school sites or other community sites.

National Tree Day

This year DeGroot's planted at no charge, 2 trees at the local YMCA and several trees and shrubs at a local independent school.

Free Presentations

Many senior and community groups request a speaker for their membership meetings.  We average 12 presentations per year, given at no charge to the group.

One Tomato Project

A local group has been promoting the idea of homeowner's growing and donating produce to the local food bank.  Over the past 3 years we have donated over 5,000 seedlings to the group.

Pigeon and Poultry Show

The greenhouse space is loaned to the Feather Fancier's from Southwestern Ontario to showcase their birds and animals to the public.




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